Friday, November 13, 2009

Here we are again. . .

Back at the hospital. I'm not exaggerating when I say I think that Will has been in the hospital fully as many days as he has been at home since August. Really. Maybe I'll get the calendar out an actually count. Maybe not.

This time it is very high, persistent fever that came on suddenly (Thursday morning) and was accompanied by increased shortness of breath and a big jump in Will's oxygen requirement. He was started on Tamiflu yesterday (just in case) and this morning we came into the hospital through the ER, as directed by the transplant clinic. The ER doctors confirmed the decision to admit him right away, and they started antibiotics, etc. Eleven hours later he was finally assigned a room and brought upstairs. Eleven hours in the ER is a long time. Especially long if you're sick and feel like crap. Also especially long if you've had about 5 hours of sleep total in the past 36 hours and still have work that must go out that day and the ER has no Internet connection.

At any rate, Liam is happy with Will's parents. My parents are kindly taking care of Mollie the dog. And I'm here at the hospital with Will who is very sick but appears to be stable. Hopefully the antibiotics will start to help and some of the many, many tests that are currently cooking in the lab will come back soon to tell us that whatever it is, it is super curable and really easy to treat.

In other news: Liam has started banging on his music toys in time to music and/or singing along with the banging. It started over the weekend last weekend and is continuing. It is very, very sweet, I'll try to take video. When he is singing along he favors "BINGO" (you know: there was a farmer had a dog, and BINGO was his name, oh, etc.) and "Baby Beluga" which is a Raffi song that you really only need to know any more about if you have a 2 year old in your life and if you do you undoubtedly already know all about Baby Beluga. (Okay, here, you can see it here.) Otherwise, he will do his best to bang away in time with whatever is playing.


Mad Hatter said...

So sorry to hear this, but hope it is very minor and easily treated so you can all go home soon. Thinking of you.

IVF 40+ said...

Ditto to Maddys thoughts. I hope you are all home in no time and kick whatever this is to the curb pdq.

I wonder with all this who is taking care of you? I send you healing thoughts and a really big hug.


mekate said...

Awwww shit, E, I was worried Will might be back in the hospital, I am hoping it is something simple.
I am sorry to hear about the death of your friend- I hate that the support, by default, comes with loss and reminders of loss all the time. THat has to be really hard for all of you.

Thinking of you and sending love,