Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hospitalization #4, Day 1, Updated

Will is on his way to the emergency room in Seattle. He was really starting to have a hard time at home with saturation in the mid 80s and just not doing well. I'm concerned his electrolytes might be all screwed up; this is something that can happen pretty easily just from the CF and with the kidney function problems on top of that, it's a factor.

Will's father is just home for a week-long hiking trip and could pick Will up and take him, luckily. I talked to the Doctor on call who is the same pulmonologist who saw Will last time in the hospital; that's good, since she'll know his case and recent course. I'll update later when there's some real news. For now if people could keep Will in their thoughts, that would be great. He's pretty sick really didn't want to have to go in today. It's always heartbreaking when he leaves.

Updated: Will was admitted. His saturation improved as the day went on and he has been in the mid 90s on room air this afternoon and evening. He has eaten (lots, I'm told). He has been given lots of IV fluids. His creatinine (a measure of kidney function) is down, a lot, from last Thursday, back to 2.5, which is still much higher than Will's usual higher than normal reading, but going down is very much better than going up. (This was expected and the reason the doctors discontinued treatment for CMV and aspergillus last week; but still, it's nice to see it at least sort of work.) Will did not want to be admitted, especially considering his saturation came up and he has no fever. But he is and he will have a bronchoscopy tomorrow "early" which means before 10:30PM in hospital speak, in my experience. (Well, I mean as I've experienced the hospital as a companion to Will; I've never really experienced any of this myself.)

Now I feel bad for insisting that he go, but I really did think he needed to be seen. (Which I still do; but I feel bad because I know he's really unhappy about it.) And I'm glad he's feeling better and I hope he doesn't de-saturate tonight, and that they figure out what is going on, and that he can start to recover and come home soon, maybe even tomorrow or Tuesday. Now on to the million and a half things that need to be done around here.


mekate said...

Oh Elizabeth, i am so sorry- I hope that he gets balanced out quickly and am so glad the on call physician knows him. I hate this for you all.

thinking of you, thinking of Will, and hoping all will be well soon.

Sending love,

IVF 40+ said...

Ditto = hope Will starts to feel healthier soon. Thinking of you and sending you love

Lisa said...

Oh Elizabeth, I am so sorry! Please let me know if there is ANYTHING that I can do to help. I am literally like 7 miles from the hospital.