Monday, August 24, 2009

Day 2

I didn't go to the hospital today, and only spoke to Will briefly (he sometimes doesn't feel like talking much when he's there), so this is all second hand, but here's what I understand:

  • Will is still saturating in the mid 90s on room air, so that's great.
  • His kidney function is not getting any worse; it's better than it was last week, but not yet back to his usual level. It was about the same this morning as when it was measured yesterday afternoon.
  • They finally did the bronchoscopy about 4:15 PM today. "Early." So Will was npo since midnight and not happy about it. No report on the bronch yet except that Will said it went "okay." I just called him and so far he hasn't needed any oxygen or had a fever (both are common for him after a bronch).
  • So far, there is no clear explanation for why Will de-saturated so badly when he was home on Sunday and I'm feeling more and more like the bad guy for insisting that he go to the hospital.
  • In the meantime, the docs are trying to figure out Will's digestive issues, since if they don't get figured out it will be hard for him to gain weight (which he really needs to do) or stay hydrated (ditto). The test for c.diff was negative. They're considering CMV colitis. Also considering whether it is a new sensitivity to one of Will's immune suppression medications. (This last one sounds weird to me since he's been on these meds for 8 years now and on them with reduced kidney function for at least 2, but what do I know.)

Will's parents were there with him most all of today. Unfortunately, I can't go up tomorrow because I have an all day meeting here that I have to facilitate. If Will's still there on Wednesday I may try to go up early and catch the doctors, but I can't free up my entire morning and so (as it always seems to go), I'd no doubt be on the phone with work when the doctors came by. We'll see. I can keep trying to clear my calendar.

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