Friday, August 21, 2009

Garden in August and Random Bits

Lovely rain today. It must have started over night, and it continued on and off all morning and into the afternoon. Nothing too aggressive just a little rain. The kind of damp and mist that around here, reminds one that just as sure as fall follows summer, winter is coming. And it will be wet, and it will be dark. It's already getting dark. When I rocked Liam to sleep tonight it was no fooling dark outside his windows.

The garden this time of year is amazing to me. We have been lucky this year and to get really a lot of food out of our two little 3 by 9-10 foot beds. We're on to green beans, basil, and tomatoes now. And zucchini still, always. And swiss chard. . .carrots. With today's little summer rain following our 3-4 days of hot earlier in the week you can almost see the plants growing.

We're glad to have Liam home (he stays with my parents or Will's when I travel for work) and to have a quiet weekend ahead. Our local children's museum has it's main fundraiser of the year this weekend, and we'll probably go to that. The whole thing, which involves lots of little kid activities and a big-deal sand castle making contest, happens in the parking lot of my office. So, today I got to watch the sand being delivered. . ..

Will is about the same. Trying to stay hydrated. Trying to stay optimistic or at least positive. Saturation still mostly down in the low 90s and I don't think he has checked his lung functions. (He should; but, really, who needs more bad news on a Friday.) Still short of breath.

Lastly, in such a true sense of the word: we sold the co-sleeper today. Liam's baby bed, or beddy, we always called it. The place where I put him the first night he came home from the hospital. And where I remember watching him sleep, and sleeping next to him with my hand on his little side when Will was in the ICU so soon after Liam was born and I didn't know if we would ever get really any time together as a family.

We weren't using it and aren't going to be able to; it was just another thing in the attic and the money, even though it's not much, is handy right now. So, it's final. It's gone. To another family and a baby girl, Fraya, 10 days old.

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IVF 40+ said...

what a touching post. your home life is stressful, no doubt, but you sound like such a wonderful couple and loving family. Such an inspiration to me.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend together making sandcastles, eating fun fete foods and rocking the cutest little boy to sleep.