Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kidney (dis)Function

Will had his regular oncology re-check today. The good news is that the oncologist doesn't see any indication of a relapse; Will is still cancer free. The not as good news is that Will's kidney function is quite a bit worse than it was when he was in the hospital. (3.1 serum creatinine compared to 2.3 or so in the hospital last week, compared to 1.8 or so, which is already high, usually. The normal range stops at 1.2 or 1.4 depending on who you ask.) So the doctors decided to discontinue the valganciclovir and the voriconazole today, for fear that they were damaging the kidneys more than they might be helping the lungs.

That's about all we know. I wasn't able to go with Will today because I had to work. A long day in Wenatchee and then a long drive home to more work and this news. He will be rechecked (a blood test) on Monday for kidney function and have his lung follow up the following (I think) Monday, and I guess then we shall have what may be an important discussion with the doctors about the risks/benefits of treating the lung stuff vs. protecting the kidneys and how all this may play out. Not unexpected, but also not happy news by a long shot. Particularly as winter cold and flu season looms, we would very much like all medications that he might need to be available to Will in case he needs them.

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mekate said...


Well that just sucks. Glad he was checked so at least this did not quietly catastrophize (my new word), but still-- I want him to be able to have all options available to use as needed.

I wish magical potions did not have side effects, that stuff that helped just helped and did not harm.

And you, I know you are driving in some beautiful places, I hope you are able to take some pleasure in that-- even if it is fleeting, momentary, I hope you are able to take some good things in. I do not know how hard it must be to be on guard like this, to be (and need to be) so aware of all that could go wrong. I hope that you have many moments that are just beautiful.

Thinking of you and sending love,