Sunday, July 26, 2009

Symphony in the Park

I guess it's getting to be an annual thing. This year was too hot: mid 90s. In the Pacific NW we are not used to this kind of thing and most of us don't particularly care for it. Liam did okay -- he was less interested in the music, maybe because it was sort of hard to hear, but very interested in the other people, friendly, and reasonably well behaved. Thanks to grandpa DM and grandma KM for bringing snacks and to grandpa for carrying Liam all around.

Another year on, we're all still here. Still basically healthy. Compared to last year, Liam can now: walk and run and jump reliably on his own; feed himself (when he wants to); dance at least as well as his mama; go up and down stairs; name most of his colors; and use at least 10 words that anyone would understand and 10-15 that we all know. A big year, and more on the way, I'm sure. Hope everyone has a little music in their life this week.

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