Thursday, July 30, 2009

Relief in sight

Today at 6:58 the outside temperature fell to almost a degree below the inside temperature (85 degrees) and that was my signal to run around and open all the windows and put the screens in and move the fans. We've been having quite the heat wave out here in the Pacific NW and, well, for the most part no one I know likes it. I sure don't. It was 104 degrees or more in our town for 3 days running, I heard it was 111 south of here, and over 100 in Seattle too. Like pretty much everyone else we don't have air conditioning, so we just had to make it through as best we could. You know, close up the house tight around 8 AM. Shades drawn all day. White towels and blankets hung in all the south and west facing windows. You get the picture. . .and it's not pretty. It was hardest on Will, for sure, first because of his lungs and his overall fragile health and second because I had to travel for work (Hotel! With air conditioning!) so I was gone and Liam was at my parents (also air conditioned) for the worst of it.

Last night was almost unbearable, Liam was up until at least 10:00 and his room still was probably 85 degrees when he went to sleep, despite the fans and bowls of ice I set up when I got home from my work trip at around 8:00. Tonight is much better. Not only is it cooler, but there is a reliable breeze. Liam went down pretty easily and is so much more comfortable. It's positively pleasant and, honestly, after traveling for work which always means staying up late working and being out with clients, and then last night when no one slept well, I can't wait to trundle off to bed myself.

But, before I do, I thought I'd try to post this video of Liam singing, well, just for fun. This is his version of Row, Row the Boat, which my mother has been teaching him. "Ack" is Liam's word for boat. (It was one of his first "words" and like all those strange first words we can't get him to give it up even though he would surly able to say "boat" properly now if he wanted to. Same with "grandma;" I fear she'll be "Eh" until Liam is in high school.) "Merrily" sounds suspiciously like "mommy" except Liam never calls me that, only "mama." Please know that we do clean him up fairly often, the food on his face is left over from the dessert he had just been eating (raspberries).

Hope all visitors to this space are enjoying warm days and cool breezes, or at least have some in the future!

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mekate said...

oh sweet lady, I heard it was horrifically hot out your way-- sounds awful. I do NOT do heat well-- I am of not hearty northern european cool-in-summer stock, and heat and I just do not get along. So there.

and your sweet Liam! What a great song! TOO CUTE!

Thanks for sending such kinds words and wishes my way. I swear if wishes were magic, I know I'd be pregnant.
Sincerely, though, thank you. I mean it.

warm NO I mean cool wishes to you,