Friday, July 24, 2009

Liam's Room

A quick peak at Liam's new curtains. I still like the fabric and realize that it is very much like a set of sheets that I had as a toddler (I remember them from shortly after my sister was born, so, I was around 4-5) which had pink hippos, orange lions, etc. and dots, very much in this color range and busy-busy style. Liam likes them too and will sometimes run up to them and say "mama!" which is my cue to say "yes, mama sewed them for you." Very sweet. (The baby pictures on the wall are of Will and me. I must have seen this somewhere and I like very much the idea of baby pictures of the parents in a baby's room. Liam didn't notice them much at first but these days he's really interested in the idea that mommy and daddy were once babies.)


Lisa said...

I love them!

IVF 40+ said...

They are exactly what I would pick! I love the idea of having your baby pictures up. What a great idea.
thanks for all the support Elizabeth. You are so great at it!
Hope all is well.

mekate said...

those are great curtains! I love the bright colors and animal busy-ness. Very fun. And the room itself is very cool-- feels comfortable and funky which I love.

Can I make socca with shitty imitation flour like rice flour? I cannot do the bean flours (darn it))--- but oh that sounded good.

today is a sit very still and do nothing day. I am loving sitting here, enjoying the breeze and listening to the leaves . Hoping yours is wonderful,