Thursday, July 23, 2009

Our Pretty-Much GF Dinner

Seems to be a lot about food around here lately. No wonder my pants don't fit quite right any more. Yesterday's dinner with aunts, cousins and grandparents was mostly gluten free, because one of the aunts eats GF. So, in addition to the salmon with (GF) soy sauce and maple syrup we ate: cheese and rice crackers, tabbouleh salad made with quinoea, green bean salad which my mother made and which was fantastic, succotash which I had never heard of until I was 37 years old and learned to make it from Will's sister who just busted it out with no fuss one night when we were visiting and which is pretty much the very best use of seasonal corn as far as I'm concerned, and then (GF) ice cream, apricots, raspberries and pralines for dessert.

I had also planned to make and eat socca. Socca is what I imagine to be the perfect GF food. It is basically a flat bread made with chickpea flour. I've eaten a lot of it in France and Italy. Sometimes with onions and herbs; more often just plain. Sometimes you eat a little soft cheese, like Farmer's cheese with it. But it's great just plain. So, I was really excited about it. I bought the chick-pea flour, mixed up the batter in the AM, and put it in a hot, hot oven about 30 minutes before I planned to serve it. Looked great. . .bubbled away and browned nicely, but when I went to turn it out and cut it, it wasn't cooked all way. It was still corn-flour mush with (delicious!) crispy, brown edges. Second one worked slightly better, Will thinks because I left it in the (turned off) oven all through dinner. I think I may have mentioned that our oven sucks; this may have something to do with it. I'm definitely going to keep working on the socca thing. In the meantime, for the good of the order, here is Mark Bittman's recipe for socca, embedded in this also very useful recipe for regular flat bread, which I think can be made with GF flour. (Kate, check out Bittman's FB page or whatever the hell it is called for info on that in the comments.)

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