Saturday, November 15, 2008

We are making our own bread again

I used to make almost all my own bread (which was pretty easy at the time because I used to eat almost no bread. . .for years. . .but that's another story). Liam is old enough to be very interested in bread making even if he is not quite ready to help in a substantially helpful way. Today's bread: overnight wheat/white. Yesterday we made what we call Owl bread (Wheat, Honey, Oat or WHO bread from here). I have learned over the past few weeks of bread making that our oven sucks. It doesn't heat up hot enough (setting the temperature to 400 degrees gets you about 325 if you're lucky), and it's super hard to predict. Still, I'm getting the hang of it and today's bread was better than yesterdays. I figure we'll need more by Wednesday (Liam and Will are going through a little bit of a toast phase), and hope that Wednesday's bread will be even better. Nothing like a project.

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