Saturday, November 15, 2008

Birthday Dinner #1

Happy (almost) Birthday to Grandpa DM! We're so happy to be able to have his (almost) birthday dinner here this weekend when his two granddaughters are visiting. Here's something I notice more and more and am not happy about: Liam is really the center of attention in a way that should not be preserved long term. Both granddaughters are in really interesting school programs that I would have liked to actually talk with them about, but no one can finish a sentence but that Liam is in the middle of it. He is adorable, and he is at an age where he needs love and attention to grow and thrive but, honestly, I think he's ready to start to learn that other people get to talk to one another too.

Be that as it is, dinner went over fine and it was fun to have everyone here. I meant to take some pictures of today's meal to reinforce how easy it is to eat fewer animal products in your diet (the granddaughters both have way better diets than the average person). We've been trying to increase fish and soy and decrease animal products (well, except for cows milk for Will and Liam). So, without pictures maybe the menu will help.

To start: olives, stuffed mushrooms, dried fruits, crackers (all animal free); cheese, prosciutto (for those who wanted it)
To eat: eggplant or chicken parmesans (cheese optional), roasted squash and brussels sprouts, spaghetti with italian kale, bread. The italian kale is fantastic and is worth a photo and a separate post at some point. People are way too down on kale---it's a great vegetable.
To finish: angel cake and poached fruit (whipped cream optional).

So, that's it. My goal for a while now has been no more than 3 meat dinners a week and we've been doing pretty good so far. Plus: Birthday Crown! I still am in love with the birthday crowns still. Two down; another will be given tomorrow and then 5 more to go after that, including Liam's in June.

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