Friday, November 14, 2008


Our evenings sometimes fall into a little a routine. When we get home, Liam runs around for a few minutes greeting Will and Mollie, then he settles into his highchair at the kitchen table. Will gives him some snacks and I usually cook something either just for Liam or for all of us. Then, Will feeds Liam while I look through the mail at the table with them. After dinner, Liam usually asks for music and dances around with Will.

Lately, the after dinner play has also included some time with "bug" a pink and green puppet that Grandpa DM's daughter gave Liam and that he thinks is so funny. He tries to step on it, and laughs and laughs. There often is practice on the stair landing, going up, going down. Sometimes play with the cars that roll back and forth or the ball. More music.

We try to get Liam to settle in with some story books, sometimes this works and sometimes not. And then around 7 PM we ask Liam if he is ready for bath time and more often than not he makes the bath sign, then the sign for sucky (pacifier---which he gets only for sleep-time, after his bath) and the sign for milk. Will takes him upstairs and gets him in his bath and then after the bath I give Liam his milk and rock him to sleep. (Some nights this goes better than others; tonight it was about a 2o minute event; yesterday, more like 90 minutes.)

In other news of today: we had our first birds at the feeders this morning (thank God); chickadees. I've finished both birthday crowns for this weekend's two birthday celebrations (one for each grandpa), and I'm so excited about them it's not even funny. Will still seems to be feeling okay. We've been trying to make a few improvements around here, some related to Mollie (new shelter/house for outside in the works and new "den" behind Will's chair in the living room), and some related to making more of a space for sewing in the 3rd room upstairs. I'll try to post pictures soon. I think that's it. . ..

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