Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dancing Sippy

We changed the radio station in the kitchen away from the non-stop NPR talk to something that has more music. In this picture sippy is dancing to. . .I don't know what; it's the college station and I recognize almost nothing they play even though it all sounds pretty good to me.

This week Liam and I have spent almost every evening out in the yard weeding or planting something (blueberries, red huckleberries, bunch berry and today a fig tree that I've been waiting and waiting for). This has given Liam a new appreciation for where food comes from. Tuesday night he came running over pell-mell saying "ump-ah, ump-ah, ump-ah" which is his word for apple. He had just noticed all the apples in the tree and was convinced we should eat some right now. Because he knows his colors, we could talk about how we don't eat the apples until they turn red. What color are they now? "Green." Right. What color are they when we eat them? "Red. . .ump-ah, ump-ah, ump-ah." So he knows how to answer the question, but I'm not sure he's quite got the concept. We had the same discussion about green blueberries. But he still tried to eat one.

In a Will update; he is not feeling good. Congestion continues (or worsens? I'm not sure) and he just really hasn't been feeling well in his spirit or his body lately. We hope for a better day tomorrow. His next scheduled appointment isn't until the end of August, so we'll see if he wants to hold out until then.

Stay tuned, I'm in danger of finally finishing a sewing project in the next few days.

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Tina said...

Oh Liam is so cute, so full of life and wonder. Kids really have got it right. So glad to hear you are enjoying the sunshine. Sorry to hear about will not feeling so hot, I hope he turns around soon.
Take Care E