Sunday, July 12, 2009

Thunder and lightening

Scares the dog and makes her willing to accept petting even from Liam. Raining and 60 degrees here today, with thunder and lightening. Funny how summer rain seems so different from winter, so welcome. I smile every time I look out the window, glad I got the pumpkin starts in the ground yesterday and the lettuce seeds planted. Neighbors are out in their slickers pulling final weeds and taking the green-waste bins to the curb. Kids out for quick walks, and even Liam and I took the compost food out to the worms in between rain drops. We're working on being homebodies today. . .more later.

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mekate said...

Hope Will is feeling better and sorry to hear he has not been-- I am hopeful ALWAYS which I wish were more magical.

I love summer rain but I love moments of sun, I find I miss shadows! I wonder if this is a yin yang thing, darkness and light and all that. balance of some sort.

and love the story of Liam and the unripe fruit. It is fun to think of learning in every moment so obviously, but I guess we all are if we paid close enough attention. I think that is one of the things about parenting that appeals to me most, the reminder in each moment that each moment is new.

I wish on all of you good things and hope Will does not wait if waiting does not need to happen.

thinking of you,