Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Zoo update

It is reported that Liam had a good day at the zoo with Grandpa DH and Will, although some of the animals were on strike and couldn't be seen. Particularly owls and polar bears. Luckily Liam already knows all about polar bears as documented here and here.

This is the photo in which Liam looks like his daddy:

This is the photo in which Liam looks like his mama (who also can get pretty excited at the prospect of ice cream):

I will spare you a photo of my new crappy hotel room. One airplane ride and 300 miles of driving and. . .what appear to be exactly the same atrocious drapes as the last place. Oh well, at least Wenatchee offers the prospect of bringing home crates of fresh cherries and apricots and who knows what else on Friday evening.


Deron Arnold said...

What a fun day for the guys!

Hope your travels are tolerable. It sounds exciting to travel so much for a job, but I know it can be mundane as well. And hard to be away from the little guy!

IVF 40+ said...

oh man, look at the little man. That photo is worth the trouble. Thanks E!

mekate said...

So VERY glad Will is feeling better already-- how grand! I love immediate gratification. I hope that helps everything-- body and soul.

And I hope your travels go well.
Cherries and apricots, YUM
the impostors they are selling in our stores right now are, I believe, made of plastic.

Your little one is adorable, love the ice cream face.
me too!