Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's working! And, I'm working.

Will reports that he feels "significantly" better. Will is the understated type, especially when it comes to good news, so this equates roughly to shouting from the rooftops, I think. He was up before 8AM this morning and done with his breathing treatments and out working on the patio by 10:00. Tomorrow he and his father will take Liam to the zoo. (I hope they take pictures, and if they do I will post some.) This is wonderful and we hope very much that it lasts, well, forever.

My work travel is what it is. Today Hanford, tomorrow Hanford then Wenatchee, Thursday and Friday Wenatchee, and then Friday night home. Many miles to smallish towns in not so many days: it's what I imagine working in sales is like, or something. I am tired tonight and unhappy because we lost an important bid today, and even thought we lost it (I think) based in part on the competition having recently hired a former political appointee and all that blah, blah, there are always excuses, still, damn, I need to win these things.

I leave you with a photo of my crappy hotel room. I think this is exactly the same crappy hotel room I had when I was here 2 weeks or so ago. Same desk light that doesn't work and same phone message light that is broken (flicker, flicker, but no message). While I'm sure it's has some nice features, and the work has merit, on balance, I really don't like Richland; it's the city my father died in and I hate coming here. Tomorrow -- on to Wenatchee with no more whining, I promise.

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