Monday, June 15, 2009


Kitchen remodel (which is really more a rearranging of, well, everything in the kitchen, more than a replacement project) and back patio work continues. I can see now that I will really love it, most especially when it's done. My wonderful sister is here on her 2 weeks leave between postings (she's a pilot for the navy but is going to post-graduate school for her next thing. . .yay!) and she kicks butt on all things project related, so, I know the end is in sight. I unfortunately have to leave for 4 days of work-related travel tomorrow (curses!) and feel, well, tired and not prepared at home or at work and most of all just not wanting to go. And Liam's birthday this weekend to finish preparing for; and Father's day. You know how it goes. This weekend/early next week Liam turns 2 and this space turns 1.

Will had a somewhat productive doctor appointment today. The endocrinology doctors have decided to treat for primary hypogonadism, basically, low testosterone. This is most likely brought about as a complication from chemotherapy and/or just as a result of all the health challenges Will has had over the past years. So Will will take replacement testosterone shots once a week for a while and see if it makes him feel better. He's hopeful this will address a lot of the fatigue and mood problems. Let's hope.

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mekate said...

first of all YAY for the testosterone-- my dad found it to be miraculous. Seriously. I hope Will does too-- second-- it is amazing how much destruction and chaos is inherent in most things related to growth-- construction projects, sorting, cleaning, life...
Great that your sister is visiting!

Hang in there-- chaos will lead to a wonderful kitchen space, and the weekend and its celebrations will come and so wonderful to know Will will feel better nearly instantly from the hormones-- dad literally felt better after the first dose.

Good luck and good wishes all around.