Saturday, April 25, 2009

Home With New Shoes

I'm finally home from a long-ish work trip to DC. Tired. I usually don't bring Liam presents from these trips, but this time for some reason I was captured by these plastic shoes. There is a whole store full of them in the airport -- every color one can imagine. So, at 9pm when my flight landed last night I found myself going in and buying Liam a pair in orange. He likes them.

Quiet day here today. Will seems worse to me, but he says that he's the same. Cough is quite bad and he's short of breath with it seems like almost any walking around. He is going in for a re-check with his pulmonary doc on Monday and if I can rearrange my work schedule I'm going to try to go with him to see what they say. Liam also has a nasty cough, but I think that's just regular little-kid cold stuff. That's about all to report. It's supposed to be a little sunny tomorrow, so I'll try for some pictures outside.

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IVF 40+ said...

great shoes! so sweet. and what cute toes ;-)
Hope all goes well with the pulmo's. Thinking of you