Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Garden

The garden is doing well. I was worried earlier this spring that were were going to be faced with total failure of the early carrot crop but they have rallied. (They were frozen by frost, snowed upon more than once, and stepped on by the dog and by Liam.) It's carrots, swiss chard, peas, broccoli (not pictured), spring onions, and arugula so far. More to come.

Liam likes the garden, especially now that it is actually producing plants that he can recognize. "Baby plants; please don't step!" spoken urgently about what looks like a bare patch of dirt is confusing. The chicken wire is to keep out the dog; she digs. Liam likes to pet the plants through the wire. (The marigolds came from the store.)

In other news: we're all some degree of sick. Will, of course, the worst although he says he does not think he'll be admitted tomorrow. Liam and I both have a pretty persistant and hacking cough. And between jet lag and everything else, I admit to being pretty tired. At this point we just thank God we don't have any symptoms of swine flu, and are busily planning how we can avoid all human contact for the foreseeable future. Swine flu + immune suppression to maintain a lung transplant = bad news. We'd like to avoid it.

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