Monday, March 23, 2009


Liam and I went to a book reading by the fantastic Nikki McClure at the local library. She has illustrated a new book which is 2-weeks now on the NYT best sellers list for children's books. I think this is so great, first because I really love her work and second because it is just so nice to see someone do so well.

Liam was wonderful at the reading: interested, not too shy, patient. A few times he ran up to touch a picture in the book that he was particularly captured by. Peas, mostly; he and I planted peas this weekend and we've talked a lot about peas and pea plants, so he's pretty focused on them.

At the reading I looked at the library bulletin board about other events and was really surprised to see that Molly Wizenberg will be there to talk about her new book A Handmade Life. I'm so excited! What wonderful and unexpected things we have in our little town!
**The photo is from the BuyOlympia site. Since you missed the chance to get your copy of the book at the Friends of the Library event, BuyOlympia would be a great choice.

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