Monday, March 23, 2009


Neglect. I have neglected this space; I don't have a good excuse. Certainly there have been more hectic times when I've found the time to post. So, here goes.

These are some of the things about Liam lately that are amazing and wonderful to me.
  • He has started to sing to himself, a lot. He generally sings some version of twinkle twinkle little star or baa baa black sheep (same basic tune); sometimes he sings "ga, ga, go, ga" etc., sometimes "ma, ma, ma, ma" sometimes some other combination. This is not singing particularly for public consumption. It's to himself. He enjoys it.
  • He is big enough to run around outside and really runs. . .I have to run to catch up to him, I can't make it by just walking really fast.
  • Will has been reading stories to him every night after bath, and he really looks forward to it and will clamber over Will to get to whatever book he wants (often "mm, mm" a book about a cow that Will and I both fail to see the charm of).
  • He has been eating great. Saturday morning's breakfast was: scrambled egg, leftover green peas, toast and milk.
  • He is learning new words every day.
  • He is just so engaged with things around him and so sweet.

Dear Liam has a bad cold and a terrible runny nose. Even so, he was so sweet at the doctor this morning, he actually smiled at the doctor and didn't cry at all when she listened to his lungs and examined his nose and ears and mouth. (Verdict: pink eye and right-side ear infection. More antibiotics. Thank you day care!) At the end of the visit I asked him "do you have a 'thank you' for Dr. Tammy" and he smiled and signed "thank you" right away. So sweet.

Will's parents have Liam tonight because I have to leave at about 4:45 tomorrow morning for a work trip. I miss him. I'm also happy to have taken a nice hot bath without any fear of interruption and be now settled down to (finally) update this space and watch my new favorite TV show, which is, unexpectedly, about cars. You can check it out here.

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