Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Ephrata is a small town in Eastern Washington that I drove to today (for work). Two hundred and fourteen miles (give or take) each way. That's 424 total. It wasn't a bad drive, I like being up early. I was glad the sun came up when I was just over the top of Snoqualimie Pass because it was snowing to get all out and daylight made that a lot easier. But, that and the deadly and nervous-making Highway 18 was the worst of the driving, the rest was easy. And the work part went fine too.

I brought the camera to take a picture, but it ran out of batteries immediately, so, no photos. This picture is from the Chamber of Commerce page (and by Bill Carrell).

Liam's cold/ear infection/eye infection all seem to be on the mend. He's still really stuffy (and pretty dry too, we have the humidifier turned up to full tonight and started running it in his room before his bath); I think he'll be back to full-tilt soon. Will thinks he is getting a cold, or something. He had a small fever this afternoon and feels congested and sore-throated. He's considering starting Colistin, just to keep anything bacterial at bay while his immune system works on whatever virus he has. At least neither of us has pink eye, yet, knock wood.

Liam seems to be on the new-word-a-day plan. Today's words were: "Ollie" (from these delightful books), "Abby" (name of my parents' absent cat, he says this perfectly), and, maybe, "egg." There is no rhyme or reason to it. I've noticed that as he's become more interested in talking he gets really frustrated if he's trying to say something and I don't understand it and repeat it back wrong---which is the case 25-30% of the time. This happened today on the way home from my parents' house and resulted in screaming, fist clinching, feet kicking, turning red, and throwing the music toy across the car. Lovely.

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