Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday night report

Nothing new to report tonight. Will is stable at the hospital. I talked with him on the phone earlier today, he sounded pretty down. Just tried to call again and talked with his nurse who reports that Will is saturating at 95% on between 2 and 3 l of oxygen, that he ate a good dinner, but that he seems "depressed." We talked about moving the oxygen down to between 1 and 2, and slowly trying to work Will to saturating well on room air. When I talked with him this afternoon he mentioned the possibility of coming home on oxygen. . .he's not happy about that, but we know that home would be a much better place for him to recovery than the hospital if he's stable (and provided we can do a better job keeping my and Liam's germs away from him). At home Will will be much more active, even just walking from room to room, and that activity will really help his lungs clear and start to recover. Doug will go up and visit Will tomorrow, so hopefully that will help.

Dinner with GG and Grandpa DH tonight. It's snowing here again although it is supposed to turn to rain later tonight. Made a small switch in Liam's bedtime routine that made a big difference. Bath at about 6:15 PM and then PJs, brush teeth, sucky (pacifier) and downstairs to snuggle quietly for story time. Upstairs with milk and to rock at about 7:15 and I kid you not he was asleep and I was back downstairs by 7:35. This translates into him being asleep 25-30 minutes earlier with, and this is the best part, at least 30 minutes less of rocking and fidgeting and fighting sleep. Previous routine was story time, bath (at about 7:00) and then PJs, sucky, milk, rock and sleep. So, let's hope it's a real breakthrough and not just a fluke.

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Lisa said...

Sorry that Will is feeling down. I hope that he gets to come home soon. Hospital stays are rough on everyone! Let me know if there is anything that I can do!!