Saturday, January 3, 2009

Not much news today

What a boring start. Will seems to have hit a plateau at the hospital. When I talked with him tonight, he's still on 3 l of oxygen delivered by nasal cannula. When he goes on room air his saturation drops into the high 80s (better than the low 80s, which is where it was when he was admitted, but still not good). They could set him up with home oxygen, but he wants very much to be off oxygen when he comes home. In the good news department, he seems to be eating and drinking quite a bit more. In the not so good news department he reports that the nurses wake him up every 20 minutes all night long to take vital signs, weigh him, deliver forgotten medications, and whatever else. Even if this is a little bit of an exaggeration, it sounds like he isn't getting much sleep. Ann visited him today and reports that he seemed much better in the afternoon than in the morning. So, today's progress was eating, hopefully tomorrow's progress will be activity and then on to feeling better, off oxygen, and on the way home.

Liam and I had an okay day. We joined the food co-op, I guess that's our big news. And, while I was putting Liam to bed the neighbors dropped off what looks like the entire Baby Einstein DVD cannon. Great. . .Liam will be thrilled!

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