Saturday, January 10, 2009


We were going to have fondue on Christmas eve but the snow storm and the sickness got in the way, so we reprised it today with Grandpa DM and Grandma KM visiting for the weekend. Delicious -- thank you GG.

Will seems to be recovering; he has been much more active Friday and today just moving around the house and eating and drinking more reliably. This tires him out a lot, but it's better for him. Friday he finally checked his oxygen saturation and found it to be in the mid 80s. He said: never below 80, never above 90. I think that was a little bit of a wake up call. Today the numbers seem a little better, maybe moving the range to the mid to upper 80s. Good news.

I had a quiet day because Grandpa DM and Grandma KM had Liam all day and will take him part of tomorrow too. This meant I could do house chores, etc., today and leave my work for tomorrow. Very nice -- thank you!

Liam liked fondue but we didn't give him much because it's basically cheese melted with 3 cups of wine. So, you know. . .he's pretty little still. He was a very happy, chipper baby all day today, singing and playing and chirping along. And he couldn't believe his luck to have both Grandmas and both Grandpas to the house for dinner, plus Will's friend J who stopped by this afternoon and stayed. All in all a delightful evening, and since Liam missed his nap today he went right to sleep no fuss no muss. Really, delightful.

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