Thursday, January 8, 2009

Some forward, some back

It's great to have Will at home, but he's still very sick and feeling awful. This affects his eating and drinking and I'm getting pretty concerned about his hydration. Unfortunately, guess what?, asking 25+ times a day whether he has had anything to eat or drink, or if I should get him something to drink, etc., etc., with many variations on that theme does nothing to help and only annoys the crap out of him. I'm worried about the c diff. I still don't know how we know if he's getting better from that or when it will be rechecked. Will doesn't say more than "I'm getting better" and "in a few weeks." But, today his is noticeably worse than he was yesterday.

In the good news department: Grandma KM and Grandpa DM are in town for a visit this weekend. Liam ran circles around the house this evening he was so happy to see them.

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