Saturday, January 17, 2009

Will & Liam's Ragtime Band

Liam received a number of musical instrument toys for Christmas and he and Will have been playing with them. Liam loves anything he can shake or pound, but he is reasonably careful with the musical instruments. He wants the striker for the drum to go with the drum and the striker for the xylophone to go with it. He doesn't generally hit the drum or the xylophone with things other than the strikers (we have encouraged this). He will play on his own with these things, but he prefers if someone plays with him. We have got to cut Liam's hair, it is a mess and always in his eyes.

Will continues to slowly recover. Some days are better than others. He's off most of the antibiotics (except the ones he takes all the time related to the transplant), and his oxygen saturation has been going up and is now pretty reliably in the low 90s as measured by his little home o2 reader (I can't remember if that reads higher or lower than the hospital meters, but it's close either way). He has a check-back with his regular pulmonary doc on Tuesday, so that should tell us more about how things are going.

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