Thursday, January 29, 2009

Charlie Harper & the Beach

Traveling for work this week, but going home tomorrow. My work, if you can believe this, is actually right on a beach on the west coast of Florida. I am spending most of the days hours in the hotel meeting rooms, working, but did get to walk out to the beach tonight to put my feet in the sand and watch the waves. Also, have been sleeping with my hotel windows open and waking to the noise of the ocean.

I have the Charles Harper poster of the Alpine NW in the back of my car (still) trying to be on the way to be framed. I'm reminded he did a bunch of posters for the US National Park Service -- including one on the barrier islands, very appropriate for my current situation. Also, the Rocky Mtns. -- I love the colors. Updates on Liam and Will this weekend. The report is that both are fine. Liam is trying to convince his grandparents that I've been whining about nothing and he really does go straight to bed and sleep through the night every night. Will continues recovery from the most recent pneumonia; his energy is slowly returning, I think.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting these, and for supplying the link to order them in your comment on my blog!

I just ordered the Sierra Range one tonight. $14! and free shipping, even to Canada! Much, much cheaper than the other online stores I'd been looking into.

Thanks so much!