Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dog Bone Phone & Inauguration

Finally today. . .Liam has decided that Mollie's green toy dog bone is a phone. If you look at it, you can see how he might have got this idea. It is shaped sort of like a phone. Anyway, he grabbed it from her toy basket the other day and has been running around using it as a phone ever since. We think he's calling Grandma KM and Grandpa DM in California.

We feel so happy and hopeful tonight about the inauguration and this chance for change. It was reported that Liam watched the address with GG and clapped along whenever the crowd on television did. So sweet.


Sara and Dustin said...

I LOVE the color of your walls!

Tina said...

Elizabeth...thank you for keeping tabs on me. I think about you guys often, your little guy and Will and all that you have been through and all that you have overcome and I am humbled. Happy and Healthy New Year!