Sunday, February 1, 2009

Liam's Kitchen

Liam received a very generous Christmas gift from Will's sister and her family: a kitchen. It arrived the night before I left for work last week, so he didn't get to play with it until this weekend. He loves it. He hasn't really tried to imitate any cooking yet, unless we're all to eat trucks. He runs the trucks all over it, making truck noises, turns the knobs, puts things in the "sink," takes out the sink bowl and drops trucks through to the cupboard below, and puts the trucks in and out of the oven, in and out of the oven, in and out of the oven. . .etc.

It fits perfectly in the hallway between the main kitchen and the front door, so Liam can play while I cook dinner or wash dishes and he's in view but very much out of the way. Perfect. We like it so much, I'm already looking at play food to go with it (or thinking of making some from my excess of birthday-crown-related felt pieces), and maybe a wooden refrigerator. . .. Thank you Auntie L and family!

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