Sunday, December 14, 2008


Snow is unusual here in the south Puget Sound low lands, but we got a little, tiny bit overnight and a little bit more (maybe 1.5 inches) during the day. Pretty. Liam had two excursions into the snow. First, first thing this AM (in his PJs, coat, and rubber boots); he thought it was pretty fun and ran up and down the sidewalk. Second, this afternoon, we bundled him up as if for Polar expedition and Will took him for a walk in pouring down snow. Will reports that Liam was not too impressed, and did not want to get down out of the carrier to explore. Our baby: takes him a while to get used to new things.

Now the weather people say it will get cold, cold, cold and stay that way for a few days. (Auntie C, pack your long undies!) Nice Will went outside into the arctic blast and scraped all the snow and ice off my car while I was putting Liam to bed, so tomorrow morning I'll only have whatever falls overnight to deal with. Yey!

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Sara and Dustin said...

Your family is such an inspiration to us. And Liam looks like a celebrity baby :-) He reminds me a little of Britney Spears's little boys - so beautiful!!!