Saturday, December 13, 2008

Typing from Liam's Room Again

He is really having trouble with his sleep this past week. He goes down easily but then wakes up 45 minutes later and has a really hard time getting back to sleep. Tonight he was finally out enough for me to start my work again by about 9:15 or so after almost an hour of tossing and turning. He's not really awake---but he's not asleep either. He thrashes about, makes small cries (which turn louder quickly if I don't show up fast), and tries to climb in my lap. He likes to hold my hand or pat my tummy. He went through a phase like this a while back, so I know it's temporary. Maybe teething related, or he has a stuffy nose, or who knows. Poor baby---I just wish he could get comfortable and sleep.

Meanwhile, I had planned to sit downstairs and drink hot chocolate and press my nose against the window waiting for the snow we're supposed to get tonight, but I guess I'll have to be satisfied with regular check-ins with the NOAA weather web site.

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