Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Will may be on the way to the hospital today

or maybe not. Apparently he talked with the doctor's office yesterday -- to the nurse coordinator who he really doesn't like (well, he doesn't get along well with many of them, but this one really drives him crazy). He described his symptoms which are more extensive than he had shared with me previously (short of breath, etc.). He wants a normal CF/transplant workup (PFTs, sputum sample, blood work, xray). She advised going to the emergency room because Will's regular doc is on vacation and. . .I'm not sure. I guess the hospital is not capable of doing these tests on an outpatient basis unless it's through the regularly scheduled CF clinic? Maybe she thinks he is really, really sick. Maybe he is really, really sick. I can't figure it out. Will says, well, "maybe I'll go and maybe I won't -- I haven't decided yet." So, I guess we wait and see.

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Lisa said...

That sucks Elizabeth! I hope that all goes well tomorrow! My understanding is that the nurse (and I am sure I know the one you are talking about) ALWAYS tells patients to go to the ER. We actually have this procedure on our every growing list to talk to them about next week at clinic. Anyway, take care and I hope that things go okay. Let me know if you need anything! I am only a few miles away from the U!!