Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Will is not on his way to the hosptial today after all, and

I've been meaning to post an update on Liam's eating. (So boring; I know.) What Liam lacks in sleeping abilities he more than makes up in eating abilities. He is a good eater. Favorites lately include:
  • Chixpatty tofu thing (he really loves this)
  • Baby ravioli, especially the cheese flavor
  • Goldfish crackers (we have to be careful not to give him these before dinner or he won't eat anything else)
  • Cooked carrots
  • Yogurt (still loves yogurt)
  • Grapes, pears and bananas; fruit generally
  • Cooked chicken, especially if it comes in a cheese sauce (there's a cheese theme here, I guess)
  • He still loves his baby whole grain cereal, made with milk

Things he has tried lately and hasn't liked as much:

  • Cooked tomatoes
  • Chocolate chip cookie (but he loves fig newtons)
  • Sip of hot chocolate sample at Starbucks (but he liked the whipped cream)

Liam also is making progress feeding himself with a spoon. He really enjoys this. The first picture is from May, taken the last time Will was in the hospital. The second two are from this past weekend.

Will decided not to go to the ER today. He talked with some different nurses at his doc's office and they scheduled him for a clinic appointment on Monday. So he'll get his testing done then. Hopefully that will work out okay and whatever is going on isn't moving so fast that these few days will make a big difference in how difficult it is to treat. He still feels like crap.

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