Monday, October 20, 2008

I forgot to mention Will's CMV results

which show that he doesn't have CMV disease. This is very good news. But, he is still feeling conjested. Still sleeping or staying in bed until about noon most days; still not rowing. (Well, he rowed on Sunday but said it was very difficult and he didn't enjoy it.) Still tired most of the time and just not feeling well. So, it's worrisome and hard to know what exactly to worry about. Possibilities include:
  • Chronic rejection, although I think we'd expect to see his PFTs go down more and more quickly with that;
  • Something else viral, Epstein Barr virus is the big fear, or it could just be a cold hanging on or a touch of the flu;
  • Bacterial infection, such as pseudamonus, moving down from his sinuses and setting up shop in the lungs;
  • Hang over from all the dust in the house, the nebulizer melting down and going almost a week without HTS;
  • Worsening depression;
  • Change of seasons;
  • Some combination; or,
  • Something we haven't thought of yet.

Whatever it is, it's no fun for him or for me to live with, that's for sure.

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Marjolein said...

They could check for EBV. That's what they always do with me because my EBV is always elevated (between 30.000 and 104.000).
I do hope you will be able to find the cause.

It's great news that his CMV is down :-)