Sunday, October 19, 2008

Please, Daddy, take Mollie and me for a walk.. .

Will was nice enough to take Mollie and Liam to the park for about a hour this morning during one of our sunny patches. I've been getting my butt kicked by a bid/proposal at work (hence posting at this hour after sending the almost final draft to our co-proposer who happens to be in Seoul this week which is, I've learned, 18 hours ahead of Seattle. (I think the easiest way to figure this is add one day and then subtract 6 hours from whatever time it is right now.) Grandpa DH and GG are very nicely taking Liam for most of tomorrow so I can go in to the office and finish the bid (let's hope!) and catch up all some of the stuff I was supposed to work on Thursday and Friday when I was working on the bid instead.


Tina said...

Beautiful photo!

Sara and Dustin said...

He is so cute - can i borrow him for a week or so? :-) haha..just kidding!!!