Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Home improvement continues and. . .

Will's CF clinic called today and said that probably the reason he feels crummy is that he has a CMV infection. Cytomegalovirus is one of those things that's generally not too bad for most of us, but can really mess you up if you are on immune suppressing medications to prevent rejection of your lung transplant. (It's also very bad for pregnant women to get.) They think it acted up when infection with Liam's cold meant his (limited) immune system was busy elsewhere. So, he'll be on antivirals and we'll hope it goes away. It can be a very serious infection if it takes hold and becomes what is called CMV disease.

Our home improvement disguised as home destruction continues. Grandpa DM coordinated and supervised the rest of the chimney removal today (and fixed the upstairs toilet to boot -- he's the best!). We are left with dust. Our wonderful cleaning person comes tomorrow and I'm trying to figure out how much extra to leave her. So, so glad to have the chimney gone. So, so hoping we can find a way to get rid of the dust quickly.

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