Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Home improvement and...

Will had a good clinic visit yesterday; lung function, blood work all look basically okay and similar to the last time. Stability is good, so he is happy, I think with that. Will's lung function is holding at about 60% of what is predicted for someone of his age and height. It's been about there since the cancer/rejection/pneumonia/cancer/pneumonia events of 2004-2007 started to wind down. I'm sure he'd like more improvement, but, again, I think he's pretty happy with stability. He still doesn't feel great though. . .so we're hoping it is something benign like lingering symptoms from Liam's cold, and not something nasty brewing.

I got the notion to finally ask Grandpa DM to help take the old chimney down in our house; it was very old (110 or so years), no longer went all the way to the roof, and was slanted in the attic in a way that was alarming to me. No grass grows on Grandpa DM; quick as a wink he got it all organized with day-workers, figured out how to get the bricks out of the house, etc., etc.. So, as of today we are minus about 2/3 of a chimney. The large mass of it is out in the back yard waiting to joined by the remainder (tomorrow) and hauled away (sometime soon). A significant fraction remains here in the house with us in the form of nasty, nasty made of old lime and brick dust. Will has taken to his room (which was shut up all day and is, he promises, relatively dust free). Maybe tomorrow he'll go to his parents' until I can get all this cleaned up, which is not going to happen in a meaningful way until Friday with my work schedule this week.

I am glad the chimney will be gone. Grandpa DM reports that when the workers started to take it down in the attic large sections just crumbled away and had to be caught to prevent them dropping to the floor. (I knew it; I just knew it.) Given that we're prone to earthquakes around here, I'm so happy not to have to lie awake any more worrying about this. Thanks Grandpa DM!

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