Thursday, September 25, 2008

I saw a thing today

driving back from Bellevue. There was a convoy of military trucks headed south, not just one or two, a whole bunch. They were in the second lane over from the right or the right lane (once the freeway went down to 3 lanes from 4). I was in the third lane over from the right (what can I say, I work in collaboration, I'm comfortable with the middle). And there was this car in front of me that was really speeding up a lot and slowing down a lot, and it would pull in to the lane with the convoy in it, and then it would pull out in front of me, you know, you all drive. And then I realized it was a car full of girls and they were waving and making faces at the guys (it was mostly guys as far as I noticed) on the military trucks. And then some of the guys on the trucks made the universal signal for "show me your boobs." You know what I mean, you've seen it. And, I guess the girls did, because the people on the trucks went nuts. (I can only imagine the radio traffic going up and down the convoy at this point.)

Anyway, I found this all strangely touching and was not particularly bothered by it---although I suppose the guys would get in trouble for encouraging something like that, and it's not at all professional, and definitely a home country only type of interaction to invite; and I felt sort of sorry? sad? for the girls because, really, what on earth is the point. And it was all very stereotypical in the way of some of the worst types of stereotypes. Plus, it seems dangerous to do that sort of thing whilst speeding at 65 miles an hour in 3 or 4 lanes of traffic. But here are these guys off to we all know where, for I can only guess, can't even begin to relate to, what kind of hardship and crap. And here are these poor girls, zipping down the road in their car. It was pretty human.

And to think, all I do to support our men and women in uniform is occasionally send money for phone cards so they can call home. Which you all can do here, should you so choose.

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