Thursday, September 25, 2008

Another quick update

Sorry, so long, no post. And I wonder why no one reads this thing. We are all fine. In random order our work week so far has included:

  • Trip to the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in south central Washington State. It's something. (Me.)
  • Trip to Seattle to the doctor for hearing testing and GI consult. (Will; and, note, it turns out he can hear just fine, thank you.)
  • Four shots, two in each leg. (Liam; 15 month check up.)
  • Two days of moderate grade fever and feeling crummy. (Will; although he seems like he's doing slightly better or at least not getting worse.)
  • Trip to Petco to see real snakes and rats as opposed to the cat-toy versions. (Liam; thanks grandpa DH and GG.)
  • Four days in a row of working at least 11 hours and billing at least 9. (Me; woo hoo.)
  • Long plane ride home from Boston to reclaim their dog (Grandpa DM and Grandma KM; welcome home!)

And there's still one whole day to go!

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