Sunday, September 21, 2008


Will had a fever today, and generally felt crummy especially this afternoon. Liam still has a runny nose and, I think is now getting all four molars at once. For a sweet little kid, was largely a pain to be around today. Still, groceries must be shopped, dogs walked, baby fed, etc.. I had hoped to use today to get my work finished, since yesterday was a day off. Honestly, I've never, ever been this far behind at work. I'm done missing the made up deadlines that I give myself to try to keep things in order and am now missing actual deadlines with clients. Great. I learn, again, that it is impossible for me to get anything done at home on the weekend while taking care of Liam. In the good news department: my neighbor told me about a Waldorf preschool within walking distance that takes only 12 kids (hidden message: sign up now even though your kid won't be old enough to go for almost 2 years), good to know. And, since we took the pusher away Liam (1) doesn't chase the dog with it any more and (2) has moved to about a 60/40 or Will says 70/30 walk to crawl ratio.

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Lisa said...

Sorry that you are feeling so behind--I know that feeling! I just realized how overdue I was on something :( Life happens!!

I hope that everyone is feeling better soon and you can get a chance to get caught up!!