Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Six Things

Some of the blogs I read (you know who you are) are asking people who read them to post about six quirky things. I don't think I'm particularly quirky (and even if I was, who has the time these days), but I thought I'd try because it seems anti-social in the way the blogging is fake-social to not. So:

1. I wear hats inside a lot. Not nice fancy hats, wool winter hats pulled down over my forehead. I'm often cold. I'm wearing one now.

2. I don't really like fruit juice very much. Also, I don't like fruit jam (although I like to make it). It's too sweet for me in that super sweet-tart fruity way.

3. I have been "shopping" (I hate shopping) for over 3 years now for a replacement winter coat that will keep out rain and wind. I regret almost daily sending my 10-year old orange Patagonia jacket to Goodwill just because it had ceased to even pretend to repel water and no amount of cleaning or treatment could make it come around. I want it back. I can't find anything that I like and I don't know if I can face another winter of my 15-year old red fleece LandsEnd jacket with the hole in the front from a campfire spark that makes it look like I fell asleep smoking; in my jacket. (I don't smoke, never have.) I live in Seattle; I don't own a working raincoat. It's not from lack of trying; I think I have spent upwards of $150 on postage sending things back.

4. I would rather starve than eat mayonnaise in any form. This has never gone too far yet, but I've definitely missed some meals.

5. I was once accused by the political appointee in the large government environmental agency in Washington DC where I used to work of "single handedly dragging down the dress code." I'm pretty sure it was a compliment.

6. I am prone to wake up at 6am every morning no matter what and before Liam was born I used to routinely get up and do all my grocery shopping and clean my house on Saturdays before 8 AM. Comes, I guess, from whatever hard-wiring I have and from years and years of early morning rowing practices.

That's it.

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Lisa said...

Very good!

The jacket I love is Northface Grace. It is light weight, but it keeps me nice and dry and it is cute.