Sunday, August 17, 2008

Q: Why is the window all taped up in those pictures?

A: Because the glass, like the rest of the house, is over 100 years old and does not incorporate any safety features whatsoever and Liam will pound on it with his hands and with his toys no matter what we do to try to keep away. So, the tape is a little insurance policy that Will gave us: it won't prevent breakage but it hopefully will prevent serious lacerations if breakage were to occur. Now my job is to get my act together and finally order the window guards like I've been promising to do, which means I have to measure the windows. . .. This is an example of the type of thing I just did not understand before I had a child. I would have thought: what do you mean he pounds on the window, just don't let him, teach him not to, etc. Right.

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