Sunday, August 17, 2008

Knitted kitty goes for a ride

Will and Liam playing "make the knitted kitty go for a ride" shortly before Liam had a complete no-afternoon-nap-related meltdown and had to go to bed 30 minutes early. Note that Will thinks the knitted kitty should drive the plastic truck and Liam thinks he should ride in back. Go figure. In the good news department: I finally got to see one Olympic rowing race on TV today, men's 8s, Canada won. Thank you mom for the heads up, especially after I said earlier in the week "we don't need you to call us every time rowing is on TV." (We still don't, but today it was helpful.) I'm hopeful that I might get to see the women's 8s tonight, if they ever show anything besides beach volleyball. Honestly. More, and more important, good news: Will's PFTs are unchanged, maybe slightly up today which is great, going on 2 months since the last antibiotic therapy. Just the hypertonic saline and the airway clearance and, lately, the rowing. Let's hope this can go on for a long time!

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