Saturday, December 8, 2012

Making your 5 year old really happy

Turns out it's pretty easy: his own Christmas tree in his bedroom does the trick.  I don't like to bring the big tree in until after the 20th.  So big, so messy.  I like the idea of a big tree, and it's always nice to look at, but the actual mechanics of it are tedious.  Not, though, if you're five.  If you're five it is very hard to understand why the Christmas tree can't go up immediately after Halloween.  This is our compromise, a little Norfolk pine that (hopefully) will live for at least a few Christmases. The lights are on a foot switch so he can turn them on and off himself without dealing with the wall outlet. 

We're fine, just fine.  I have good intentions and lots of ideas to share here, but never seem to create the time.  Liam is singing Christmas songs continuously, which is sweeter and less annoying than it sounds, at least to me.  We're planning an open house for the solstice, I think.  I have until Monday to chicken out, but I probably won't, I think we can make it work. 

When we got the tree today we also got the garland and lights for the outside of the house, which creates a clear plan for tomorrow.  I'll try to post pictures; this tall old house looks its nicest all dressed up for Christmas.  

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Kate said...

Love Liam's tree! And what a great idea!
I want to celebrate the solstice this year too but am having a hard time with anything that looks like a plan. It has become a really loaded 4 letter word and ends up, usually, looking more like "fail". I am still struggling with the chasm between who I wanted to be/become, and who I am....

I used to imagine this:
a porch for summer, fireplace or woodstove for winter, and a house and life that invited folks to stop by, gather, hang out, relax, enjoy, talk, visit, eat, make music.

I have actually *never* had this happen in real life, because apparently, there are these things called invitations, and these things called plans, and well, shit.

I had hoped if I built it they would come.
they meaning my tribe.

Things are more complex now with the apartment that I don't like, and Della, whom I adore, and my level of tired and busy and the early dark and bed time for all of us right after dinner and... suddenly I am not sure when I thought the gathering could possibly happen. Breakfast?

sending such big love your way,