Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy halloween

Five sure is a sweet age for holidays.  Liam has been decorating the house and singing his Halloween songs for a week.

He carved the pumpkin all by himself, thankyouverymuch.   And he was so, so proud.  When I watch him work on things like this I see a lot of Will in him.  He has great concentration for these types of tasks, and a pretty clear vision of what he wants and an ever growing ability to execute. 

This year's goldfish costume required some explanation on front porches.  "Goldfish." Liam would say firmly.  "No, not Nemo."  But Liam likes it and it was easy as anything to sew.   In an act of good fortune he lost his first front tooth earlier today, so he had a jack-o-lantern face to go with his fish costume.

Thanks to my mother for handing out candy at the house.  And thanks to Grandpa and GoGo for walking the neighborhood with us, including all the way the 8 or so blocks or so to Liam's school, where his teacher had hot cider and pumpkin pie waiting and a yard full of magic pumpkin fairy houses, all lit up.


Mad Hatter said...

My what a big boy Liam suddenly is!! When did that happen? He looks so utterly delighted! I love reading your posts and looking at your pictures...And is that you with Liam in the top photo or your younger teenage sister???

Kate said...

He's such a fancy goldfish!
We had a delayed halloween because of the storm, and literally, missed it driving up to Concord to see Obama the next morning.
Next year.