Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Windsor, Ontario

Traveling for work this week.  So far Windsor looks like the inside of every crummy hotel I have ever stayed in.  See, e.g., this post.  Outside, I crossed a 4-lane road populated almost entirely by semi-tractors to pick up the copies for the meeting this morning.  (I volunteered for this duty; at least it was a walk.) 

If you were talking with me on skype this afternoon -- before the hotel internet started blinking in and out -- this is what you saw.  Minus the phone of course; and occasionally minus the smile.

Back this weekend; more then.

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Mad Hatter said...

Elizabeth! I soooo wish our car wasn't needing service because I would plan to drive out to see you tomorrow! (you're about 4 hours from me!) Please let me know in future when you're going to be in this neck of the woods....would so love to see you. (I do remember a fabulous Italian restaurant in Windsor...but yeah, kind of grey....there is a great place in Detroit I saw on Diners Drive-ins and Dives where they make everything on site, including the bread - Traffic Jam & Snug:

Be well.