Sunday, April 15, 2012

San Diego

We made a quick trip to San Diego last week to visit my parents who live there about half the year.  On our first day we visited the zoo.   The zoo is enormous.  My parents took Liam on the 40 minute bus tour when we first arrived (while I worked).  That turned out to be a great idea, because he saw pretty much all the animals.  After that, they looked at a few more animals while I waited in line to get tickets to feed the giraffes.  That's right for $5 and about a 45 minute wait in line you can get tickets to feed the giraffes at the San Diego zoo.  So cool.

The other highlight of the trip was riding in the aerial cable car.  Liam is so much braver about these things than he used to be.  He only hesitated a second before jumping in and except for a few worried moments, he really enjoyed the ride. 

We didn't get any pictures of feeding the giraffes.  My mother has pictures of other people feeding them (the people before us and the people after, I think).  It was very neat.  You go into a little enclosure and then the giraffes come up to a tall fence and stand right there and as soon as they see the biscuits (which look like fruit leather) they bend their big heads down and slurp them up.  Giaraffe heads are bigger than you might think.  Liam, it turns out, didn't want to feed them himself once he saw that big giraffe head moving so fast, so I held him while I fed them and Grandpa fed them, so he could see them up close and pet (a little, you're really not supposed to pet). 

These are the giraffes waiting to be fed.  Thanks San Diego zoo.

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mekate said...

do giraffe noses smell like horse noses?
I;ve always wondered!