Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!


Liam woke this morning and immediately started looking all over the house for Easter eggs.  I had to send him out into the yard -- where at 7:45 am it took him approximately five minutes to find the five eggs I hid last night.

He is a much better finder than I am, or he is a better hider; tonight after dinner at GG and GoGo's house (Thank you!) he hid six eggs in their back yard and it took the three of us at least 15 minutes to find them, even with hints.  At closing in on five years old, Liam's hints are priceless.  "Look over there (Frantic pointing.); no, no look in that bush, I hid one  in that bush (Jumping up and down)." 

We also found our first tree frog of the season -- so tiny and green, with long, golden, sticky feet.

Our egg tree has eggs from Sunny and Starry that we dyed this year, and a few from the egg tree we had out every year when I was small.  Hand drawn by my mother all those years ago.  The white bunnies also are from my childhood egg tree. It's so sweet to have them, and to hear myself say things like: "They are very fragile! They are not the hopping sort of bunny! Please put them down!"  That's me on the swing, I think.


In my memory we always received (besides a chocolate rabbit) new swimming suites and saltwater sandals for Easter. You? Liam was given sunglasses and a lego firetruck set, which he wanted to put together right away, in lieu of his morning TV.  The power of legos.  (Don't worry, he got a small chocolate rabbit too, and he got to eat it before breakfast.)


Sun all day today, and although the sewing didn't get done the peas did get planted. Now onward into a very busy week at work and at home.  I hope the weather holds.


Eb said...

wow, look how grown up he looks! I love the way he helps folks finds things. :)


Mad Hatter said...

Happy Easter to you, Elizabeth and Liam....I love your egg tree - I've never had one, but maybe next sounds like a lovely time you all had....we used to get different things for Easter as kids - there was one year my sisters and I all got Easter bonnets - but the table always looked beautiful, covered in coloured straw and treats along with our baskets and there were little chocolate eggs to find all over the house and we would leave out carrots for the Easter Bunny before we went to sleep.
Thank you for continuing to read my blog and comment - I always love hearing from you.