Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wolf haven and running around the house

We went out to Wolf Haven today.  One of Liam's school friends must have said something about it to him because he has been on and off pretending to be a wolf named Wolf Haven for a few weeks now.  This morning he asked if we could go there and I said, yes, sure, get you play clothes on.  He dressed in wolf colors (gray and gray, with orange stripes), and off we went.

It would have been much, much better if the 15 minute tour had really been 15 minutes instead of a very long hour full of lots of information about various details of wolf recovery and endangered species politics.  Or if more running, kicking, climbing, or, well, even talking had been allowed.  (They do programs for school kids and I'm sure those are much better for someone his age; the tour was interesting just L.O.N.G on standing around listening to someone talk -- not ideal for a four year old.)  The wolves really are close; I think it would be fun to go for the campfire some evening and see if they howl.  We heard one howl today.  Liam said "what is that noise?"  He couldn't believe it.

At home we rallied and cleaned up the last of the winter garden; planted potatoes and tiny 4-leaf-big broccoli and kale plants grown in the garage.  I'm hopeful for them, but I've also started some more out in the garage.  The sky was stunning tonight, like summer; dark inky blue fading to just a tiny bit lighter on the horizon at 8:30 when I went out to make sure the chickens were locked in.  And Venus and Jupiter all lined up and crazy bright. 

After dinner Liam pretended to be a wolf and then a dog and then just ran in circles* around the house over and over until bath time.  He is running to Cumberland Mount Bear Chase, from here, his current favorite.  He is addicted to banjo music and I couldn't be happier about that.  That he loves these Pete Seeger songs pleases me to no end.  He also loves this one

* I remember so clearly Will talking about how Liam would run in circles around the house, and what a wonderful thing about this house that would be, and that we should reinforce the floor.  I wish he were here to see it now -- still un-reinforced but hanging in there.

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Unknown said...

Thank you for blogging about your adventure at Wolf Haven International. We're really pleased that you and Liam were able to visit, especially on the first week-end of our re-opening following storm damage.

It is often difficult for children younger than five years to fully "appreciate" our 50-minute sanctuary tours. You mentioned camping, which we offer on the evenings of our summer Howl-Ins (July 21, August 4 and August 18. Because the Howl-Ins are so family oriented, we offer mini-tours at them, which are only 15 minutes long. There are a lot of other activities for kids to engage in, too.

Great picture that you posted!

Kim Young
Wolf Haven International